Q: What are these sheets made of?

A: These sheets are made of 100% Microfiber fabric which is famous for its light weight easy care nature. If proper washing instructions are followed these sheets don’t require ironing after drying. Hold for a long time and soft feeling and comfortable sleep is the key to these sheets.

Q: How long does it take to ship the order?

A: We try our best to ship the same day the order is received and paid for provided its ordered and paid before 2pm EST. However there maybe instances where there are back orders before the customers order and shipping might be delayed. Either way we keep the customer informed.

Q: What are the mode of payment?

A: Customers can pay via Google Checkout which is the safest way to pay by credit card or check. We also have option to receive payment by wire transfer to our account. This normally is a very quick mode of payment.

Q: What if some product is not available or not shipped?

A: We make sure our website is updated with products available, however there maybe some instances where the product ordered is out of stock or in back order. Under those circumstances we inform the customer and give them an option to modify the order, or wait for the back order to arrive or have a refund.

Q: Are these prices wholesale?

A: Yes, the prices on our website are 100% wholesale prices for small business people who wants to try and get started in a easy to run business. You can sell these sheets anywhere you want including flea market, shows, gift stores, home furnishing stores, street corners and lots and lots of other places. These sheets need no introduction and sell very easy. We give option for the customer to buy a few boxes as per their budget and get started.

Q: How many colors come in a case?

A: 12 Different assorted colors come in a case.

Q: Is there any minimum order requirement?

A: 1 case of any size is the min. order requirement. i.e 1 case of king, or 1 case of queen, or 1 case of full or 1 case of twin.

Q: Is there any FREE shipping offer?

A: Yes currently all orders for 1 case or more qualify for free shipping.


end faq