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After more than two years and a half of trying to control my diabetes type 2 with the help if different medications, I was still not able to get my blood sugar level below 140. Then once I changed to Diabecon and after a couple of doses my sugars have been between 80 and 110, I was so thrilled. I hope Diabecon will continue working the way it started for me as the effect of the drug is the only thing that is positive in my life at the moment. I would recommend this drug to other people who can't control their diabetes type 2.
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Diabecon worked extremely well for me. It lowers my blood sugar level as easy as ABC. My doctor switched me to Diabecon from some other medications as they were not doing the job. Now I'm going to continue treatment with Diabecon as it is the most effective thing I have ever tried since the time I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. Hope it will continue producing the effect I need without causing side effects. The way I order the medication from this website is extremely convenient. I enjoy the delivery service immensely.

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