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How fast can you die from meningitis? The most serious form of meningitis is bacterial. Even with treatment, bacterial meningitis can be fatal some of the time. If bacterial meningitis progresses rapidly, in 24 hours or less, death may occur in more than half of those who develop it, even with proper medical treatment.
Is chronic meningitis fatal? If meningitis is due to leukemia, lymphoma, or cancer, the prognosis is often poor. In such cases, meningitis can be fatal.
Can you have meningitis for months? Its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment are similar to those of chronic meningitis. Bacterial meningitis may be subacute rather than acute. Chronic meningitis develops slowly, over weeks or longer, and may last for months to years.
Does meningitis always kill you? Viral meningitis is rarely life-threatening, but can leave you with lifelong after-effects. Meningitis can affect anyone, of any age, at any time, however there are 'at risk' groups. Meningitis can strike quickly and kill within hours, so urgent medical attention is essential.
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